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The Aged Care Workforce Remote Accord




The Aged Care Workforce Remote Accord is made up of a group of employers delivering aged care services in remote and very remote areas of Australia. Our national Project Officer is based at UnitingCare Australia in Canberra, and our Leadership Group currently includes Chris Hall from Juniper and Ken Markwell from Australian Unity, Zell Dodd from Yadu Health Aboriginal Corporation, Tamra Bridges from BlueCare, and Phillip Luck from the Roper Gulf Regional Council, as well as remote aged care experts Mark Diamond and Praveen Gopal.

How did we get here?

The Remote Accord was established following the release of the ‘A Matter of Care’ report by the Aged Care Workforce Strategy Taskforce in 2018, which recognised the unique needs of remote aged care workers and providers.

Of the 14 actions outlined, Strategic Action 11 of the report outlines the establishment of a remote accord to bring together remote aged care providers and intersecting interests from across the nation.

Who are we working with?

The Remote Accord is funded by the Federal Department of Health, and we work closely with colleagues across the aged care space, including with the Industry Workforce Council, MilesMorgan, and ACSA. Our funding sits with UnitingCare Australia, who provide secretariat support to the Accord.

The goal of an accord is to be collaborative, and we are eager to speak to and work with anyone doing work in the space who would like to have their say.

What is our aim?

We aim to achieve an adequate and appropriately trained and supported workforce to meet the current and future care needs of older people living in remote and very remote Australian communities.

We will promote the need for a joined-up approach across government – aged, disability, education, health – to better meet the needs of consumers, communities and services in remote and very remote areas.

What are we doing?

The Remote Accord is currently undertaking research into the state of the sector, including conducting focus groups and a literature review. We aim to find and share ideas about what is currently working well, as well as advocate for change where things are not working well.

We are keen to hear from those currently working in the remote aged care space, or working with the sector, on what they feel works and what doesn’t work.

If you have ideas, we’d love to hear from you.